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Tri-Dawg Mission Statement

The Tri-Dawgs Multisport Club is committed to coordinating, promoting and supporting multisport activities. Activities will include training groups, clinics that draw upon knowledge and experience of members, and social activities that foster fun and camaraderie. The club welcomes people of all levels of interest, experience and ability in multisport activities.

Mike Brown’s Story

The Tri-Dawgs were awarded an Ironman Foundation Grant for improvments to our Open Water Swim (OWS) Practice in 2016. The Foundation asked for submission of a story describing how the grant money helps us achieve our goals, and Mike Brown did us the honor of telling his story. Read it here.

Letter from Coach


Thanks for inquiring about the Tri-Dawg Multisport Club. We started as a small group of friends in 2007. Today we have around 250 who are affiliated with the team ranging in ability from world championship qualifiers to novices. You can also find us on Facebook.


We have managed to negotiate a number of sponsorships that allow our team members to take advantage of great discounts on various products. Some of our sponsors include Trek (formerly Bike Line) in Newark, Xterra wetsuits, Karbon Speed wheels, The Swim Shop and Delaware Running Company. Check them all out, scrolling at the bottom of the home page.


We have an e-mail distribution list for members to receive a newsletter with race information and results as well as updates on group training sessions and other helpful information. Each week I also post a swim practice and swimming and training tips here on this website in our Members area. Swim practice archives go back many years! 


We have one formal swim practice per week that I coach on Saturday. Check with me to see if I have any openings. Each year in April we begin our Tuesday evening track workouts at St. Mark’s High School starting at 6:00 PM. Starting each May, there are open water swims at the Newark Reservoir at 6:00 PM on Mondays, weather permitting. 


We ask our team members to compete as the Tri-Dawgs, and to wear our uniforms and clothing whenever possible as a way of promoting our sponsors. Please free feel to contact me with any questions.


Coach Glenn Moore

Came home from Cambridge, MD with this after a successful IMMD for the Tri-Dawgs