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The 12 Days of Christmas & Open Water Sets are listed on this page (scroll down!)

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12 Days of Christmas

  • 50 FR
  • 25 3-6-3 Drill/25 swim
  • Kick 25 FL/25 FR on back
  • 50 FR
  • 25 catch up/25 swim
  • Kick 25 left/25 right
  • 50 FR
  • 25 thumb drag drill/25 swim
  • Kick 2 x 25 shooter
  • 50 FR
  • 50 2 left/2 right/2 swim
  • 50 BK

All with fins and :05 rest each repeat.
Aerobic (zone 2) pace.
Order is 1, then 2-1, then 3-2-1, etc.

 3900 yards

OWS Sample Sets

Sighting: swim 15-30 x 50 (20”).

Alternate as:

#1: 25 head up and sighting, 25 head down long stroke.

#2: Head up and sight every 3rd stroke.

#3: Head up and sight every 5th to 7th stroke. Note finish time and energy expenditure for each. Practice swimming quick and relaxed and being alert with changing head and body position. Try not to drop legs when lifting head.

Swimming in a crowd: swim 10-20 x 50m (20”), 3 athletes side by side in one swim lane. Swim in close proximity. Are you relaxed? Can you swim your own stroke? Can you alter your timing occasionally to avoid arm contact? Make sure and swim in the middle, left, and right side. Swim slightly (a half body-length) ahead or behind as well.

Swimming in a crowd: swim 20-30 x 25m (30”’) with 5 in a lane. 3 athletes side by side in the 1st row, and a 2nd row of 2-3 athletes depart a half body length behind. Sprint, trying to move quickly, yet relaxed. Make sure and try all different positions in the first and 2nd row of swimmers.

Swimming in a draft: swim 4-8 x 400m (1’) with 3 swim partners of similar abilities. Lead for 100m, peel off to the side at the wall, and then jump on the back of the train. Draft head to toe behind the next swimmer. How close can you swim without touching toes? Notice the difference in energy output from 1st in line to last. Purposely bump each others feet. Try and swim relaxed with contact at your feet.

Start Speed: swim 10 x 150m (1’) as 50m sprint, and 100m at your goal Ironman pace. Teach you body how to tolerate a little lactic acid at the start and then settle into rhythm.