Board of Directors

Elected Board Members

Glenn "Coach" Moore- President (pictured with Marianne Moore)

Glenn Moore


Glenn was a founding father of the Tri-Dawgs back in 2006. He has been coaching swimming for almost 40 years. He was a six time Delaware high school coach of the year during his tenure at McKean High School where he won a state championship and ten consecutive conference titles. He coached 10 All American and 28 state champions at McKean. Glenn has always been a long distance runner and has completed eight marathons. He started doing triathlons over 25 years ago and after a 20 year hiatus took up the sport again in 2013. He has competed in all distances from sprint to full Ironman. He is married to and coaches Marianne, a perennial All American and three time Kona participant. He and Marianne have three children and six grandchildren. Glenn is a graduate of University of Delaware and is a retired history teacher.






Pat Hall- Vice President

Pat Hall

Pat saw the Ironman Triathlon as a teenager on ABC’s Wide World of Sports and after witnessing the athletes in the hot Kona sun thought that one day he would like to try that.  Fast forward about 30 years or so, Pat got his chance to compete in his first Tri (The Osprey Sprint Tri) taking his dad's place after a freak biking/pottery accident.  Following the race, Pat was hooked.  Pat joined the Tri-Dawgs the next spring after meeting Dave Anshen while waiting for his son’s golf lesson; his dad Roy and son Aiden soon followed closely behind him.  Now entering his 3rd full season with the team, Pat most enjoys the cameraderie within the team and everyone wanting to see each other improve.  Known on race days as Patman (the full story why will be released someday as part of a major motion picture).  When he is not racing or training Pat can be found relaxing with his family at home or brewing another batch of beer.  Pat currently works at Bank of America as a Project Manager/Test lead for the automated phone system….please don’t hold that against him.





  Michelle Wang- Treasurer

Michelle Wang


Michelle completed her first triathlon with a lot of support from the DAWGS in 2011, but has been an honorary social member since the “early days”. Since her first race, Michelle has been working to improve her swimming and finding races that minimize running. What she lacks in physical fitness she makes up for in managing the team’s finances, hosting impromptu training weekends, and planning tailgates/ year-end parties. During Saturday swims, she can be found bringing up the rear in the 4th swim lane. Although not great at counting laps, she has a finance degree from Villanova University and successfully manages much larger budgets for her marketing job at AstraZeneca.ichelle Wang- Treasurer


 Kristin Lepley- Secretary

Kristin Lepley

Kristin completed her first triathlon in Dewey Beach in 2010 – but did not join the TriDawgs until Jan 2011.  While she loves to swim, the road/flat surfaces are not her friend. Kristin is most known for her mishaps that include falling and somehow injuring herself – on a constant basis. Kristin is trying very hard to “like” running and is focused on training for her first half Marathon in October. Outside of triathlons, Kristin is an avid concert goer and can be found at festivals and music shows all along the east coast. When not in the pool, on the treadmill or at a concert – what time is left is spent working at Bank of America in her position in Government Relations as a Project Manager. Kristin has a B.S. in Sports Medicine from Indiana University of PA and a Masters in Sports Psychology from University of the Rockies.


Maria Sawczek - Whip
Maria Sawczek


Non-elected Board Members

Duncan Outslay

Duncan Outslay

Duncan is a Physical Therapist for Christiana Care with a specialty in lower extremity injuries. He has been a USAT Certified Coach for the past 4 years. He has been competing in triathlons, duathlons and running races for over 20 years. His first exposure with the Tri-Dawgs took place when he met Eric Wolf about 6 years ago while he was getting a bike-fit from a colleague. Duncan was invited to the Saturday morning swim practice led by Coach Glenn Moore. His first exposure to the Tri-Dawg team was of course a little nerve racking but he was welcomed with open arms and grew to love the team and love the camaraderie of the triathlon community which led him to become a USAT certified coach. As a coach he has assisted with athletes successfully finishing their first triathlons to seasoned veterans competing in full ironman races.



Margaret and Vince Lafashia

Vince and Margaret Lafashia

Along with Glenn Moore, Margaret LaFashia was the other half of the duo that formed the Tri-Dawgs in 2006. The TriDawgs as described by Margaret "is a family, we support each other and have a lot f fun!" She started her athletic career at Temple University as a scholarship athlete on the Women's Crew team and continued her athletic career by completing over 20 marathons including 8 in Boston. She got into triathlons to "mix it up" from running and has competed at all distances from sprints to Ironmans. Her greatest accomplishment is qualifying for and competing in Kona, Hawaii in 2009. Margaret has a Masters Degree in Marketing from Temple University and a Nursing degree from the University of Delaware.

She met her husband Vince LaFashia (also a board member of the TriDawgs) thru the sport of triathlon. Vince is an accomplished athlete himself and has completed two Ironmans and has competed at the National and World Championship level of Xterra triathlon in Ogden, Utah and Maui, Hawaii respectively. Vince organizes and runs the open water swim clinic for the TriDawgs at Lums Pond from May to August. He feels "this allows new triathletes to become comfortable in swimming in open water with the support of other teammates and without the craziness that comes on race day."

Surprisingly Vince and Margaret's paths crossed in the past (but they never knew it)... they both ran the Boston Marathon in 2001 and
the Chicago marathon in 2005 and finished within 60 seconds of each other but didn't meet until many years later while attending swim practice with the TriDawgs. When Vince and Margaret are not training for something they can be found walking the trails of Delaware or enjoying a nice glass of wine in Cape May NJ and hanging out with their dogs Alex and Pepper (a Rottweiler mix and a Chihuahua Mix.... want to guess who is boss?!).


 Andy Campbell (pictured with Kristy Campbell)

Andy Campbell


Diane Arnold (Pictured with Margaret Lafashia)

Diane Arnold Diane learned to swim at the beginning of 2008 so that she could train for her first triathlon. She met Margaret Amidon through Paul Randolph during her first tri at Thundergust (Parvin State Park, NJ) that spring, and in those days, being a member of the Tri-Dawgs was all about “How do you know Mags?!” In her second season she upped the ante to olympic and half- distance races, and then took the IM plunge at Lake Placid in 2010. Too bad her mom didn’t live to see her swim 2.4 miles, because she never would have believed it! After Lake Placid and then running the Boston Marathon in 2011, Diane has calmed down a bit and is concentrating on races with the best swag and destinations, and also enjoys multi-day bike rides. Suggest something she hasn’t done and she’ll probably be up for it! This year, it’s her first Xterra.  In the mundane world, Diane is an academic librarian specializing in electronic resources at Chestnut Hill College in NW Philly. She has her MSLIS from the University of Kentucky.



Dave Anshen, center, and Josh Loren, right (pictured with Roy Hall, left)

Dave Anshen Josh Loren Roy Hall

 Dave Anshen

As the father of two teenagers, I am very motivated to run as fast as they can. As a Tri Dawg since 2009, I enjoy the sense of community we have as a team (a.k.a. my extended family). I can not say enough great things about the support we provide each other and the encouragement we share...regardless of whether you are a podium regular or a casual beginner. I am so glad my wife taught me how to swim when I was 38 years old...and there is nothing quite like our Tri-Dawg tailgates. On a personal note, I have traveled to more than 35 countries and always find local runners and triathletes (in every country) that are willing to share advice. However, there is still nothing quite like our club!


 Stacey Schiller

Stacey Schiller

Craig Deputy

Craig Deputy

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